Who are we

Located in the Loire Valley since 1872, Loire Propriétés produces and sells a wide variety of Loire wines. Renowned for the quality of our often award-winning wines, Loire Propriétés is a key player in the Loire wine industry. From vine to glass, we oversee the entire process and work hard to keep our people and the environment at the top of our priorities. Loire Propriétés is made of 4 cooperatives wine cellars , a distillery, and a trading company. On a larger scale, our company is part of the Coopératives de Thouarcé, who form part of the Union Agricole du Pays de la Loire (UAPL) and specialize in agricultural supplies and seed production (with a turnover of 330 million euros for 450 employees, the European biggest producer of Quinoa). Loire Propriétés is above all a group that combines its strength to promote Loire wines. By pooling our human skills and marketing resources, we are now active all over France and in 53 countries around the world.

Labels and certifications

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