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November 24th 2023

At Business France, we are dedicated to showcasing the finest French goods, renowned for their quality and innovation. Our marketplace serves as your ultimate platform for discovering and connecting with top-tier French suppliers, ensuring that every product or solution you source meets the highest standards.


Discover Vetted Suppliers and Quality French-Made Products

Our marketplace stands out by offering an exclusive selection of French suppliers, each rigorously vetted and approved by our expert teams. This guarantees you access to reliable and high-quality products ranging from gourmet foods to luxury cosmetics. Experience the renowned French savoir-faire that brings a touch of excellence to your business.


Global expertise, Business France at your service

You can benefit from our global presence with over 1,500 professionals worldwide. Our teams apply their local insights to ensure the offerings meet your specific market needs with precision, giving you access to a curated selection of superior French suppliers and products.


Stay connected with global opportunities

Keep your business at the forefront of industry trends and innovations by leveraging our comprehensive calendar of tradeshows and B2B events. The Business France Marketplace not only connects you to suppliers but also to a world of opportunities to expand your network and explore new market potentials.


Seamless, efficient, and user-friendly

Navigating our marketplace is straightforward and efficient. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can easily browse and connect with suppliers. Our platform is designed to enhance your sourcing experience, making it simpler and more rewarding to do business with France.


Join us at our upcoming tradeshows

Don’t miss out on our upcoming tradeshows where you can meet with suppliers and experience the quality of French products firsthand. These events are perfect for forging new partnerships and gaining insights into the latest market trends.