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Specialized in sports fields construction as well as diagnosis and recommendations of playing surfaces construction methods, GREGORI INTERNATIONAL offers successful solutions implemented worldwide, for over 50 years. From international standards venues, to sports pitches renovation, taking climate and local specifications into consideration. The company uses all its know-how and focuses its expertise in soils, drainage and irrigation systems, as well as grass selection and growing techniques, to serve world-famous clubs and Championships in multiple disciplines such as football, rugby, cricket, baseball, equestrian grounds etc. PARTNER OF MAJOR INTERNATIONAL SPORTING EVENTS, WE OFFER A LAWN FOR EACH PROJECT : - Natural lawn : A controlled growing technique, a perfect knowledge of soils, an adapted drainage solution and an ideal selection of grass species for the success of your project. Rapid mobilization of our teams and equipment, Turnkey operating mode with all stages of the project taken care of, extensive experience in preparing lawns for major sporting events (CAN, CHA, Olympic Games, etc.). - FiberSoil Technology : This technology is used for intensive practice and offers a better support stability to the players. It consists of a mixture of silica sand and polypropylene fiber, which gives the grass root system, a greater resistance and limits tearing. Playability within 6 weeks after grassing, playing time is twice as long as a field with a conventional substrate (soil/sand), better stability of the playing surface, turf resistant to difficult climates, better permeability in case of heavy rain, reduced maintenance requirements and costs. - The premium hybrid lawn : The natural field is reinforced with artificial fibers, which are injected at a depth of about 18 cm to give vertical reinforcement throughout the field. These fibers extend 15 to 20 mm beyond the root zone. On average, 20 million synthetic fibers are installed per field. - The synthetic field : This playing surface, ready to play as soon as it is installed, is composed of several elements : Turf mono-filament fiber, fibrillated, textured and mixed grass of different heights (30 to 60 mm) ; Ballast infill: sand ; Performance infill: the classics (SBR, EPDM) and the bio-sourced (cork, olive stones) ; Flexibility layer: cast or prefabricated - The athletics track : Thanks to its know-how and its mastery of all the construction process of the athletics track (Primer, SBR & resin layer, filler layer, EPDM final layer & colored resin), Gregori International offers you a wide range of track surfaces. Whether it is a stabilized surface or a high-end surface, these tracks can achieve the required performance according to World Athletics Standards after homologation. FAST TRACK MODE : For all emergencies related to RENOVATIONS and CONSTRUCTION of the playing surface. A process reducing installation time frame to complete the work.
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Target sport American Football, Athletics, Cricket, Equestrian (Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing), Football (soccer), Rugby