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La Reine Capricieuse (« The Capricious Queen ») offers a one-of-a-kind range exclusively composed of active ingredients from nature. We offer luxurious beauty treatments, both powerful and natural, without compromise. And the skin understands that. Our « Ultra-Care Beauté » is ultra-care for ultra-beauty. Make-up, make-up removal, pollution, stress, our skins are put to test day after day, year after year. A race to science, to magical promises, to sophisticated molecules... We need to take a fresh look at what we put on our skin each morning and evening, in these daily beauty gestures that are far from trivial. And what if part of the solution was right in front of our eyes: simple, obvious, pure, sufficient. A solution that would enable us to return to a more efficient and harmonious functioning of our skin, to full, positive feelings? What if nature already contained all the resources our skin needs? Not just for appearance, but to return to the essential balance of beauty? On the family estate of La Reine Capricieuse, in the heart of the Vosges Natural Park in France, Alexandre Styker and his teams of phytobiologists discovered that they had everything they needed. From the honey of their Vosges sedentary black bees to the pure water springing from the estate source and to abundant endemic plants, La Reine Capricieuse offers a range which is unique because exclusively made from active ingredients derived from nature. A luxurious beauty care product that is both powerful and natural, without compromise. And the skin understands that: a « salutary and soothing » effect invades the skin upon application, like a reaction of gratitude. Repair, anti-aging, moisturizing... it doesn't matter! It's simple, positive beauty which radiates from a reassured, free and proud skin. If beauty is a gift, if nature is a treasure, then « Ultra-Care » by La Reine Capricieuse is a rare and precious luxury.

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