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Aerophile has been the world leader in large captive helium balloons since 1993. Based on its experience with the Ballon de Paris Generali, which has been measuring air quality in Paris since 2013, Aerophile has developed the Para-PM, an innovative air purifier adapted to large volumes of air. The Para-PM captures 95% of Particulate Matters, even the smallest ones such as Ultra Fine Particles which are the most dangerous to health, with a high flow rate and low power consumption. The Para-PM technology can be found at the Place des Athlètes, in the Saint-Denis Olympic Village, via 5 large depolluting shades called "Aerophiltre", veritable "fountains of clean air" offering healthier air to athletes and local residents. It can be used as well with several modules to purify the air in sport facilities like gymnasiums, swimming pools...

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