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It was during the year 1884 that Monsieur Emile Paris decided to launch his brand of champagne. Emile Paris produced his Champagne with the greatest respect for Champagne traditions. It seems that this champagne was manufactured until 1940, then its marketing was abandoned after the Second World War. Our goal is to honor, today, a name known throughout the world. XVITH CENTURY Beyond the wines of the Mountain and the River, the wines of Aÿ are talking about them. The Champagne myth will take off with the third stroke of genius of the Champenois, the mastery of effervescence. Originally, there would have been local sparkling winemaking, the “tocane” of Aÿ. 1884 Thanks to an exceptional terroir, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ obtains Premier Cru classification . 1887 The Syndicat des Grandes Marques de Champagne obtains from the Angers Court of Appeal a ruling recognizing the ownership of the word Champagne exclusively for wines from Champagne. “We can only understand by Champagne or Champagne wines a wine that is both harvested and made in Champagne, an ancient province of France, geographically determined and whose limits cannot be extended or restricted” 1891 Emile Paris had established the brand “Emile Paris & co”. The champagne of the wines will then be done by the Philipponat champagne house which is also located in the village of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ. 1905 The people of Champagne are asking the Ministry of Agriculture for the precise delimitation of “wine Champagne” and the exclusivity of the name “Champagne” reserved for wines “harvested and handled entirely in wine Champagne”. 2014 The objective of the new owner of the Emile Paris brand is to bring up to date a name known throughout the world and which evokes wealth: Paris

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Champagne Emile Paris
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