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Family business created in 1974, Genepi Guillaumette master the art of creating a unique and unmatched spirit symbol of our Alps region: the Genepi. Today the company is managed by Thomas, the third generation of the family with one single goal in mind: keep this know-how alive and share it with the widest audience! The Genepi liqueur is crafted exclusively with Genepi harvested in the Hautes-Alpes. Most of the flowers are gathered in the municipality of Orcières (05), and even directly in the Ecrins National Park above the village of Prapic, the birthplace of 'GUILLAUMETTE' Genepi. The Genepi flower is a rare and solitary plant that only grows in mountainous areas where it faces no competition, typically above 2100 meters in rocky terrain. It is a protected flower, and picking it is strictly prohibited. This is why we have established our own flower cultivation in the Ecrins National Park, allowing us to use flowers at perfect maturity. We will macerate the plant in alcohol, water, and sugar for about two months in stainless-steel tanks. The mixture is stirred weekly to extract the fragrance of the flowers.

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