Who are we

Nuence is a brand of cosmetic products that draws its inspiration from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Its range of gender-neutral skin care products is aimed at a wide audience, from all ages and all skin types. Nuence highlights the potency of the TCM plants and their age-old benefits. In partnership with renowned experts in this field, we have selected the most suitable and highest quality of medicinal plants, combining them with modern active ingredients to create a unique synergy between tradition and innovation. Each of the Nuence product is developed in accordance with the theory of the 5 elements of TCM, thus meeting the skin needs throughout the seasons and life. All the Nuence products are proudly Made in France, with >95% of ingredients of natural origin, Vegan and certified PETA cruelty free. Beyond our products, we aim to spread the knowledge of the TCM as a holistic health system and promote a balanced long-term well-being, enjoyment of life and vitality.

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