Sym Biologic System


Who are we

Sym Biologic Sytem is a Retail & professional Cosmetic Brand with:
• Effective products, 100% active, of the highest quality and Made in France
• Products designed from organic ingredients to ensure the safety and health of our customers, certified by Ecocert Cosmos, the most demanding certification.
• Retail and professional products.
• Effective treatments and care; a treatment menu of 27 treatments.
• A 5 stars service quality.
• A customer experience that meets their expectations.

We believe in the importance of innovation, and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our field. We have created Sym Biologic System and developed our own cosmetic formulas while adhering to a precise and demanding specification:
• Our products are certified by Ecocert COSMOS Organic; we embrace eco-design, eco-extraction, green sciences, and eco-friendly practices.
• We develop powerful, high-performance products, that everything that counts must be useful.
• We focus on efficacy, crafting products with active ingredients that yield clinically proven results.
• We incorporate a sensory delight with natural fragrances that enhance wellbeing while being beneficial for health.
• We provide a sensorial concentration through the ideal galenic forms, drawing from our experience in 5-star spas.
• We aim to deliver profound wellbeing in addition to visible results.
• We contribute to a preventative lifestyle, with products that are good for health beyond their deep results.
• We've made the technicality of the professional application method accessible to the end consumer.

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Postal address and digital presence

Sym Biologic System
805 rue roche colombe