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For more than 25 years, COPTIS offers performance software solutions for Cosmetic R&D laboratories. Coptis Lab, the industry's leading PLM software, streamlines your product development process and ensures global compliance of your formulas. With utmost reliability, R&D laboratories can formulate innovative and sustainable beauty products in compliance with retailers' standards and global regulatory requirements, including USA MoCRA, California PROP65, China's CSAR, or European regulation. Coptis Lab is effectively supported by high value-added databases: Coptis Ing, Coptis Reg and Coptis Tox. Coptis digital solutions allow the R&D laboratories to efficiently manage development projects, reduce time to market, improve the quality and reliability of information and ensure product compliance with the regulations in effect. An R&D team empowered with the right technology is a game changer in the digital age. => Ask for a demo of the Coptis Solutions!

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