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Concept Aromatique was set up in 1994 as a family business in Grasse and has earned its reputation for timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, customized solutions and flexible transaction procedures. Benefitting from the Grasse's experience and state-of-the-art extraction methods, Concept Aromatique has developed an international expertise in the creation and the production of fragrances. Concept Aromatique is proud to get and to represent the Grasse Expertise Label. Concept Aromatique has made its marks at an international level ; The Concept Aromatique's products reflect the best range of the most diverse international trends. Concept Aromatique reserves for every customer the fragrances best suited to their market through creative and customized product development. Constantly creating new scents, the company has a wide range of fragrances. Thanks to our team of perfumers, each one an expert in his own field, Concetp Aromatique provides fragrances (perfume compositions, bases, perfume concentrates, …) to the whole industry requiring odoriferous components. Concept Aromatique ensures rigorous quality control and perfet traceability to all raw materials. Concept Aromatique develops its products in strict compliance with international standards.

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