Who are we

CALISCO is a French company based in Paris and established in the health/beauty sector . With an experience of 20 years and a deep understanding of the profession, we offer innovative solutions, complete, fiables and accessible to our customers. Products: Toothpastes, toothbrushes, soaps, solid shower gels, solid shampoos ... Through our past experiences we have established a relationship of trust with major players in France and the world. This multitude of caps allows us to boost the turnover of Calisco safely. Our first innovative product: the rainbow toothbrush. It was the first toothbrush in the world to allow the child to know his brushing time. It includes a led timer, Dupont-Tynex filaments with rounded end and a suction cup that allows him to maintain the hygiene of the toothbrush while giving it a more fun side! Our team is constantly meeting with pharmacists, baby store managers and dentists, the world of health and hygiene afin to be able to understand the needs of consumers and develop products that assist them in their daily lives. Our customers: Pharmacies, Specialty stores, mass distribution, concept stores, cosmetics... . Today, we are recognized as a key player in the production of innovative products for babies, children and adults on an international level.

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50 rue de Vouillé