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THE VISION AND THE MANIFESTO Initially a passionate amateur and collector, Anatole Lebreton, quenched his creative thirst and insatiable curiosity to explore new territories, by turning to perfume creation in 2013. Running on instinct rather than intellect, he has since created 10 fragrances for his perfume house, and occasionally composes for commands he receives. In the heart of Provence Verte, Anatole crafts unique fragrances that reflect his journey off the beaten path as an independent perfumer. Modern and creative, he is committed to sharing his passion for refined scents and delicate materials through handmade creations, crafted in complete freedom. He believes that perfume embodies the ultimate tool for self-emancipation and connection to others. Anatole creates fragrances for those who, far from the superficial promises of transformation, wish to become even more themselves / are not afraid to be themselves. Anatole Lebreton's perfumes are conceived as explosions of singularity and sincerity, full of transgressive audacity and not devoid of tenderness. Inspired by the raw poetry of nature or phantasmagorical arts, Anatole's creations aim to re-enchant reality and offer a perfumery that is assertive yet mischievous, dreamy yet insolent. BRAND VALUES * SINCERITY to say what we think and do what we say * AUDACE to exist without compromise * TOLERANCE towards our inner and outer world THE WORD OF THE PERFUMER I create fragrances to unveil emotions, a signature to be recognized, a flame to ignite that would stretch the boundaries of our world. In a word, to reveal one's super-self! Nature inspires me as a great source of generosity, transformation, strength and phantasmagoria.

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Anatole Lebreton
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