Who are we

The willingness to launch Abeilles & Botanique came from the observation that many anti-aging brands on the market have strong claims of efficacy, yet are not natural nor ethical. Consumers demand and habits when regards to cosmetics are evolving. They are looking for efficient products, going away from conventional products and lookinf for more natural formulas, and there is a growing demand for eco-ethic and eco-responsible products. Yet it is still difficult to find a brand that can combine all these promises, especially when we look at the anti-aging skincare market. For these reasons and after discovering the amazing properties of Thyme Honey on skin regeneration, Abeilles & Botanique was born : The new EFFICIENT, NATURAL and ECO-ETHIC skincare brand with Thyme Honey. Abeilles & Botanique ‘s mission is to propose a more efficient, natural and eco-ethical alternative to the conventional cosmetics. All our products are formulated with Thyme Honey, a super natural ingredient, known for its regenerative properties. Thyme Honey has studied for more than 25 years by Pr Descottes, and recognized has the most healing and skin regenerating honey, more powerful and efficient than any other medicine generally used in healing wounds. All of our actions are thought to protect and have a positive impact on the environment. From the formulation to the sourcing of our ingredients, the production that is local (Made in France), and our packaging that are recyclable. Our cardboxes are FSC certified and folded by hand to avoid any glue.

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Postal address and digital presence

18 rue Truffaut

Website: https://abeillesetbotanique.com/fr/