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Born of women’s talent. Passionate and committed women from Haute Provence and all over the world discuss and meet to create the best teas for you. From one region to another, from Asia to Africa, women grow tea trees and pick the spring buds by hand following age-old traditions. Other women travel to the foothills of the mountains to unearth the new harvests in the best organic gardens or mythical plantations. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Mediterranean, some women are dreaming up and composing delicate and refined flavours or are creating unique recipes. Others design or fill pretty multicoloured tea caddies. And others pour this beverage into thousands of cups, taste the harvest and inspect the quality of the leaves and the aromas! For the last 25 years, driven by the will of a woman and her team, terre d’oc has worked in respect for the planet and its inhabitants. Terre d’Oc has a deep commitment to true fair trade, the best of organic and a respectful world. Terre d’Oc, born of the talent of women for a little more humanity in our everyday lives.

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Terre d'Oc Evolution
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