Who are we

Hasnaâ Chocolats Grands Crus is a Bordeaux-based artisan chocolate and confectionery company founded in 2014 by Hasnaâ and Vincent FERREIRA, which has 14 employees. Its head office is located at 192 rue Fondaudège in Bordeaux. The company has 4 sales outlets, an online shop and a production workshop located in the ZA du Courneau in Canejan. Drawing on the personal story of its founder, who launched her chocolate factory the year her second daughter was born, and who had a mother who was insulin-dependent, the chocolate factory makes 100% of its products in its workshop and does not resell products made by industrial suppliers. This allows her to control the ingredients used in her recipes, and to keep the sugar levels under control. She works with cocoa beans in the purest 'Bean To Bar' tradition, using only ethically sourced cocoa beans and organic sugar (no added cocoa butter other than that naturally present in the beans, or lecithin). All the ingredients in the recipes are premium products sourced locally whenever possible (hazelnuts from Castillonnès in the Lot & Garonne, Féragniès almonds from Provence, etc.) and all the recipes are made without artificial flavourings or preservatives in the Bordeaux workshops. In 9 years, this small family business has become a local benchmark with a national reputation, thanks to the quality of its products, the social and environmental commitments it has made and the numerous awards it has won (more than 30 national and international awards in 9 years) both in France and abroad. It has even registered a patent for its innovation 'Un Instant à Bordeaux', a collection of wine ganaches featuring 10 Bordeaux terroirs.

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192 rue Fondaudège