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Since 2005, RueTRAVERSETTE has been putting in pots everything good and wholesome that the wonderful world of vegetables (and fruits and herbs and spices!) has to offer. Natural produce cooked with imagination in the Rue Traversette kitchen, amongst the vines and the Mediterranean landscapes of Saint-André-de-Sangonis in the south of France. Food should be fun! The aperitif is an integral and essential part of the French way of life, or ‘Art de Vivre’ as we call it. It was in this spirit that we created the popular “Frenchy Tartine” series in 2011, followed by the “Indispensables” range that played a big part in Rue Traversette’s development.The inventiveness and the quality of his creations have been the object of numerous accolades (National award for the creation of a food company, the “Herault Gourmand” award, and the Trophy “Faire” at the 9th Small Business Awards, amongst others). Good things for sharing over an aperitif, or for use in creative cuisine. Today the RueTRAVERSETTE products are to be found in more than 500 fine grocery and wine stores in France and around the world. And we are constantly thinking of new recipes to amaze and delight you (and make you smile). Fruit and vegetables…they’re our thing! Our fresh produce is peeled or trimmed by hand and often even hand-chopped in cases where our mechanical cutter is not precise or delicate enough and risks creating too much wastage or damage. The idea is to cook the ingredients as quickly as possible to preserve their nutritional value and generate as little waste as possible. We recycle practically 90% of our waste, by using the minimum amount of non-recyclable products and the elimination of undesirable and unnecessary chemicals. All of our organic waste is recycled as compost. We buy our raw materials as close as possible to our production site (we’re confirmed locavores!). Our products are entirely free of additives and preservatives, and naturally they’re all gluten free too! All our products are Vegan, except for those that contain honey

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Rue Traversette
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