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P'tit Navet, a French young innovative company specialised in organic turnips and radishes juice is searching for new distributing partners. Family of crucifers like black radish, turnips are recognised for detox and its plenty of benefits. We are seeking for distributors mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, China and Singapore through distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreements. We are also open to a joint venture agreement. The company was founded in February 2020 in Normandy, France. It mainly produces organic turnip juice. The turnip is an ancient vegetable much consumed during the war in France and in recent years it has been forgotten. In Asia there is a turnip daily consumption and it is recognized in China as a vegetable that is good for the organs and the immune system. In addition, turnip is the most popular vegetable in Japan. This is why we are introducing this product on the French and European market today thanks to a traditional recipe from China ; We are the only producer of this juice in France. We have several objectives : - give a new vision of turnip to the consumer through these products - rediscover this Norman vegetable - learn its many benefits for the body as the Chinese proverb says so well Eat turnip in winter, ginger in summer and pharmacies will all be closed ”. We wishes to make this product a super drink, similar to Bodyarmor, but better, a pure and natural super drink made in France. The company is willing to expand its activity and customer portfolio out of France. It is therefore looking for new partners, especially in countries like Japan and China where this product has enormous potential according to local traditional customs. In order to benefit mostly from their large networks, the priority is to find new distributing partners through : - distribution services agreement with entities dedicated to natural and organic products, healthy and functional foods, - commercial agency agreement with partners like retailers, airport food shops, organic shops, shops with high-quality products and so on. On another hand, we are also interested in identifying a partner willing to reach a joint venture to develop new projects which we could work on together. - Turnip juice is rich in minerals and vitamins, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, folic acid, etc. which is beneficial for the heart, muscles, blood pressure and assists to the functioning of the nervous system etc., in particular for high intensity athletes. - Low in sugar and salt and containing many vitamins, suitable for diabetics, It is also an ideal drink for dieters. - Pure, natural without any added substance, it can strengthen the immune system, help the body to detoxify, quench thirst, relieve fatigue, good for coughs etc. - Its taste is refreshing and delicious, the taste likes a little bit coconut water. - We are the only producer of turnip juice in the world.

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1690, rue Aristide Briand

Website: http://ptitnavet.fr