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OFFRIAN RUM means To Offer in Old English. To Offer and to Share. Offrian is a Life-Style brand, embracing a relaxed ethos via an eclectic DNA. Traveling the world as travelling the time, it plays with past vs present, vintage vs modern, and mirrors the world’s diversity Originally, we, founders, are two childhood friends, natives to Loire-Atlantique (French Loire Valley). In 2011, we united a dozen of local family-owned wine estates. With the Muscadet in our suitcase (the local dry white wine, paired with oysters), we embarked on a journey to spread our Loire culture to every corner of the world. While one was exploring Asia, the other connected with Latin America, particularly going through Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela. It was in Caracas where we crossed paths with Arturo Labarca, the Sales Executive of Ocumare Rum, who is the true visionary behind OFFRIAN RUM. Arturo embodied goodness and introduced us to the world of rum from his unique perspective, sharing his dream of crafting his own rum. Being big fans of the honey bamboo ourselves, we eagerly embraced his vision. This was around the time when the very first batches of Latin American molass-rums were arriving in the EU. Arturo introduced us to Don Pancho, a celebrated Cuban rum master born in 1938. He gained recognition in Cuba from the 1970s and later restored a distillery in Panama with a friend. From wine-lovers to globe-trotters, until rum-crafters. The essence of our brand's DNA navigates between voyages across the world and journeys through time, evoking a sense of retro charm. We see traveling as a gateway to meeting people and cultures, while enjoying a glass of rum by some smooth notes of jazz. Offrian it’s liking the authentic, the good old days”, vintage, classic movies… At the core of our values stand Conviviality, Quality, and Character, that we infuse in everything we craft. We do not hail from centuries-old traditions, yet we claim our identity of world citizen through rums offered with no pretention but with great attention. Our intention is not to boast but to embody conviviality in every drop we distill. Today Offrian it's a product line of 4 products, 8 -12 -18 years old and a unique-of-the-kind finish with the csks of a typical late-harvest Chenin Blanc wine from our Loire Valley region. National distribution in France via BARDINET-LA MARTINIQUAISE and some good starts in a few other countries. Export markets are our priority, our model is to find one sole partner per country and sustinable build a profitable business based on transparency and efficiency.

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