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The Vineyard : Wine has been produced in Bandol since the Greeks arrived in Provence in 600 BC. The Romans carried on the tradition with enthusiasm and, throughout the Middle Ages and beyond, it continued to thrive. Bandol wines even found favour in very high places: at the French court. According to legend, when the hedonistic king of France Louis XV, was asked the secret of his youth and vigour, he replied promptly, The wines of Bandol. It's as good a reason as any to drink them. Bandol wines : This famous appellation covers a small area of 1,325 hectares of vines which enjoy exceptionally high sunshine hours. The prestigious Vins de Bandol appellation is situated in the neighbouring districts of Bandol (no property is actually situated in Bandol district itself). The deep reds, all aged in oak barrels are responsible for the success of this appellation and represent 40 % of the harvest. The excellent fresh, young rosés which appear almost orange in colour represent 55 % and the lively, nervous whites 5% of the harvest. The agreement of the wine-growers to produce a small quantity of high quality wine, together with the ideal weather conditions have contributed to the international reputation of the wines from Bandol. Bandol's chief characteristic is the omnipresence of the Mourvèdre grape. This thick-skinned, late-ripening varietal is notoriously hard to grow but thrives in these particular soil and climate conditions. No other wine in the world uses Mourvèdre in the same quantities. Bandol reds must contain a minimum of 50 per cent and some wine-makers use as much as 95 per cent. (Rosé Bandol wines must also contain it at a lower level.) The higher the percentage of Mourvèdre, the higher in alcohol and more tannic the wine, and the longer it needs to mature before being ready to drink. Maison Vignes & Mer : Winehouse created in Provence in 2016. The vines (16,5 ha) are very well maintained, cultivated for decades in the heart of the Bandol area, mainly between the communes of la Cadière d'Azur and Saint-Cyr/Mer. Issued from the traditional home of rosé wine, Maison Vignes & Mer offers a range of 5 rosés, IGP/Vin de Pays, AOP Côtes de Provence and the fine, powerful, organic AOP Bandol in the 3 colors.

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