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A family project embodied by Sophie Le Clercq, a strong and engaging personality, who has been working at Les Davids for over 20 years, with a young and dedicated team. The vineyard is located at an altitude of 580 metres, with some plots reaching over 700 metres, in a protected valley on the edge of the Ventoux, a wild region whose diversity of soils makes the terroir particularly rich. The estate is voluntarily run on a mixed organic farming system, which guarantees the preservation of biodiversity. Some forty hectares are cultivated, including 26 hectares of vines, orchards, truffle fields, olive trees, vegetables and cereals. In addition to the cultivated land, the landscape is made up of forest, scrubland, hedges with local species and hillside reservoirs. Through traditional and careful viticulture and working with horses on a dozen hectares, the Domaine Les Davids aims to revitalise and preserve the soil. At the heart of the vineyard, three ponds collect run-off water through vegetated ditches. A drip irrigation system brings water to where it is needed. All of these features have built Les Davids, with respect and for biodiversity. These combined qualities, both human and natural, allow the estate to produce, year after year, exceptional wines in reasonable quantities. The winery is the work of the architect Marc Barani. The building, cast in concrete with wooden planks, has been coloured in the colour of the rocky soil of the region, to the point that it appears to be a natural element. The cellar is designed to be gravity-driven, to ensure the integrity of the grapes and the work done upstream. It is made up of three communicating levels, with gravity driving the entire winemaking process. This oxygen-free approach preserves the aromas and colour of the wine. Les Davids are also equipped with concrete tulip-shaped vats, an original shape that increases the efficiency of pumping over and delestage and optimises the exchange of juice and pomace. Les Davids is also an ecosystem dedicated to wine tourism. The Davids terrace, the Davids bakery, the Davids hamlets, the Davids art trail, etc. For more information and to discover the authenticity of the land and its products, come and meet us.

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