Les Climats d'Or

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‘Les Climats d’Or’ was created in early 2021 to follow the renowned quality and traditions of its predecessor Jean-François B, but with a young, dynamic touch ready for the challenges of this ever changing world. Jean-Francois B, directed by Jean-François Bouchard since 1997, and whose family’s name has been anchored in the heritage of the city of Beaune since the18th century, had a reputation for always selecting the best vintages from family-run vineyards where wine is produced with passion, to satisfy his wine-loving clients around the world. Today, Les Climats d’Or, still working with Mr. Bouchard and benefiting from his unparalleled experience of Burgundy and its world renowned vineyards, offers a reliable and high quality selection of Burgundy wines from the most famous vintages to generic wines. Regular wine tastings throughout the year allow us to select wines made by talented winemakers with the know-how to express their terroir with modern winemaking methods: respect for Nature, controlled yields, and winemaking that favours the expression of fruit combined harmoniously with the body and finesse of the wines. Our wines from authentic family estates of impeccable quality are available from a single pick-up point, allowing our import customers to mix and match pallets with wines from multiple estates. With the help of a single contact person, they can save time and energy in combining the shipment of wines from the various wine-growing areas of Burgundy. Administrative procedures are also simplified with a single invoice, and the preparation of all necessary documents for the export of these wines. Our customers have access to centralised information on the various wine estates and their wines to help with their presentation and sales process. In the case of limited available quantities for a particular wine, our customers can reserve wines in advance for later shipment. Today, we represent about 30 Burgundy estates, and some from Champagne and Alsace, and we market their wines all over the world.

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Les Climats d'Or
11 Avenue du 8 Septembre 1944

Website: http://www.lesclimatsdor.com