La Micro-Brasserie du Vieux-Lille

Who are we

At CÉLESTIN, our beers have character. They are designed with creativity and mastery to offer you a taste surprise. Our ambition is to constantly surprise you with their flavors. Gourmet and travel lover, I select spices and flavors from my explorations and develop with my team a palette of astonishing, bewitching accords. Our beers are designed for a perfect match with certain dishes; exotic flavors and local gastronomy thus come together. We are proud to see our range appear on the menu of many restaurants – including some starred ones. Many bars also serve our beers on tap, for a tasty conviviality. CÉLESTIN beers are part of a gourmet and epicurean art of living. Our secret ? Each brew is the sketch of the next. Naturophile practicing, Respectful of traditions, the land and people, I work in close and supportive relationship with local farmers and artisans. No chemicals are used in the composition or production of our ECOCERT organic certified beers.

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La Micro-Brasserie du Vieux-Lille
19 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau