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Established in 2005 by Grégoire Chaix, Ice Tropez is the quintessential cocktail of Saint Tropez, capturing the essence of summer year-round. Our refreshing beverage, crafted from wine and infused with natural white peach and red fruit aromas, encapsulates the crispness and sweetness of the south. Packaged in a distinctive 27.5cl bottle with a contemporary design, Ice Tropez offers a unique sensory experience. Since 2009, our thirst-quenching delight has catered to non-alcoholic preferences with Ice Tropez 0%, a fruity soft drink in the same iconic bottle, emitting fresh and subtle aromas. Ice Tropez has made waves worldwide, selling 23 million bottles in 2023 and captivating hearts in over 50 countries. The momentum continues with the introduction of a new flavor and a sharing format in 2022—a one-liter bottle for both the original and zero-alcohol versions. Lastly in 2022, Ice Tropez Exotic joins our lineup, boasting a tropical twist with a more pronounced character. This new cocktail, infused with natural exotic fruits, spices, citric notes, is exclusively available with 6.5% alcohol, enhancing our diverse offerings.

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