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MY DOMAIN I began in 2013 on north Beaujolais area, and I commit my domain in sustainable label “Terra Vitis”. I work approximately 5.7ha, shared in Julienas (1,5ha), White Beaujolais (1,1ha) and Beaujolais (red). Youngest vines were planted in 2018, oldest in 1950’s. Restructuring work began in 2013 to reduce inputs (chemicals and fertilizer). Part of the vineyard was already being cultivated respecting the Charter “Terra Vitis”. Nowadays, I continue to work under this Charter and since 2019, I develop ecological method. Different grape varieties are cultivated, and it allows me to propose different white and red wines. TERRA VITIS The approach Terra Vitis commits itself to respecting the vineyard and its people. The soil, water, air, vine and wine are elements protected by strict rules to ensure that tomorrow’s children can benefit from our winegrowing landscape. Acting today, for tomorrow, is a key principle of the Terra Vitis plan. ( THE VINES Decidedly modern, with the aim of reducing inputs, I initiate restructuring work on a large part of vineyard. New vines were planted with this target. Ecological approach development: - 2014 : composts and manure only to fertilisation - 2018 : starting plant green manure to reduce fertilisation - 2019: after professional formation in “agroforestry”, I prepare parcels to plant hedge and tree around and in vines. - 2020 : plantation 150 metres hedge - 2021 : stop chemicals for weeding : 1ha Next step: - 2022 : 120 metres more hedge - 2023 : 2 ha without chemical weeding - 2024 : plantation trees into parcels THE WINES - Chardonnay brings its freshness to the Beaujolais Blanc, while the Gamay, the iconic Beaujolais variety, gives its colour and its subtle odour to the traditional Beaujolais rouge and Juliénas. Lastly, the Gamaret, a little known variety, allows you to discover more structured wines. - Plot selection, different wine-making or maturation allows me to propose a large range of products Ecological approach around the wine: - Reducing sulphites : noSO2 used before aging, and after analyse and tasting only - Limitation of water using : each water flow are equipped with automatic stop, and using pressure washer each time it’s possible - Using lightened bottle (-100gr rather same model traditional) Next step: - Study on glue for label, in order to reusing better bottles (returnable?) - Capsuling : replace pewter cap by wax

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