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A family business since 1733, Château de Gaudou covers 60 hectares of gravel and clay in the Cahors appellation (Southwestern France). The Durou family has been passionately cultivating the emblematic grape variety of Cahors for 7 generations: Malbec. Château de Gaudou has been certified HVE level 3 since 2016 with the will to convert to organic farming. Fabrice Durou, a young 40-year-old winemaker, knows his estate, his vineyard and his winery perfectly and devotes all his energy to it. A true man of passion and innovation, his vintages are all unique thanks to intriguing vinification methods (rotary punching of the cap, ovoid vats, white wine made from 100% Malbec, orange white wine...). It is in the valley of Vire sur Lot - the Beverly Hills of the appellation; Michel Bettane - that Château de Gaudou exploits various very specific terroirs. From the meanders of the Lot valley, through the Causse Cadurciens, the different types of soil are cared for to get the best out of them. One can feel the rigorous work of Fabrice Durou in the expression of his wines, all unique. We can find white wines, dry or sweet, fruity or woody red wines, fleshy or full of finesse, a reflection of each terroir, and of course, fine bubbles from a sparkling wine made from malbec. Each cuvée has its own history. The renaissance cuvée, for example, marks the renewal of the Château through new wine-growing techniques. The charmeuse, the first cuvée produced, has remained unchanged since its creation and shows us the potential that surviving vines from phylloxera can offer... With more precision in the work of the vine, an expert hand and well pronounced advice, the vines receive all the care necessary for their good development. Grassing and traditional cordon pruning allow them to develop fully and offer the best. Fabrice Durou's attachment to his vineyard is unquestionable. Constantly looking for novelties, the winery is regularly modified in order to facilitate the life of the company's actors and to reach an optimal level of quality. Translated with (free version)

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