Who are we

Château de Figuières in la Clape is an estate which returned to the path of excellence in 2015. Located opposite Narbonne in Languedoc, in a setting at an altitude of 170 m, it offers a range of 2 white wines in IGP Oc and 3 AOP la Clape red wines. Our orientation is driven by a search for meaning: to bring out personal and identity wines from our terroir. This approach echoes some of the current societal questions about our way of consuming and impacting our planet. We therefore live our responsibility to transcribe in each bottle what marks our eyes and our thoughts: our site influences us through its qualities and for the time we spend there. Our goals : • Produce great, high quality and personalized wines. • Provide the best possible results through our artisan behavior. We do not have a cooking recipe but rather the best reactions based on what presents itself to us. • Fully exploit the grape variety for which each vineyard/soil is best suited. • Quality is our mantra, from planting to harvesting to aging.

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