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It was in 1905, during the Belle Epoque, that Maurice Lepitre, a young winegrower, decided to found his own champagne house. Thereafter, the family business was passed on by several generations of women, always with the quest for the best! Hélène took over from Maurice... Marguerite succeeded her, then Corine, and finally Adeline... Our champagne reflects years of know-how and passion for the vine and the making of Champagne wines. Our vineyards are all located in the 1er Cru area in the heart of the Montagne de Reims, in Rilly -la -Montagne, on land classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are committed to protecting the biodiversity of the Champagne region and its own ecosystem. We have planted hedges on the edges of certain plots to increase the diversity of fauna and to increase the resilience of the biotope of the plot, which is essential to maintain the evolutionary processes of the living world. For the past 15 years, we have been voluntarily committed to this philosophy and maintain our plots in a reasoned manner, without using insecticides. We have obtained the environmental certifications High Environmental Value level 3 and Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne. Every day after the harvest, we take the time to make wines that resemble us from the only three grape varieties traditionally used in Champagne, using grapes from our own plots. The time available to our champagnes is an essential component for the development of their aromatic complexity. We take great care to let the wines mature in the cool, dark cellars dug by Maurice Lepitre in 1905 deep in the chalk, a natural setting for the maturation of our wines. Our main concern is to take the time for quality! It is thanks to our land of excellence and the feminine and ancestral know-how of our house that we are proud to invite you to travel. Each Senses cuvée is authentic, unique and distinctive. Their extra brut dosage allows them to express all their character with intensity and purity. Each one will reveal its respective aromas with straightforwardness, energy and precision during tasting, particularly as an aperitif when the palate is still virgin. All your senses will be awake, you will taste with your eyes, your nose, your mouth and your ears!

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