Who are we

We are a family business headed by 3 brothers, following the work of our parents started in the late 60's. We are located in the Cote de Sezanne (south of Marne area, south Champagne, 45km south from Epernay, in the continuity of the Cote des Blancs). Our vineyards represents 14 hectares mainly with chardonnay and pinot noir grapes, located on chalky small hills. We are independant winegrowers, (recoltant-manipulant). Our champagnes are produced totally by ourselves, only with grapes from our vineyards. Our committement to preserve the environnement and to work in sustainable manner, has been certified by Viticulture Durable in Champagne (VDC) and Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE) certifications in 2018 and 2019. We try to develop our brand Champagne Louis de Chatet (, high quality champagnes, special cuvées (single plot, single vine, ...), produced only the very best years. We want that our wines express all the qualities of our terroirs (Cote de Sézanne for Chardonnays, Cote des Bars (aube) for Pinots noirs). We select only the most beautiful grapes from our best plots, grapes with a very good maturity (good level of sugar but also good level of acidity). Acidity is important for us because we want that our wines could aged at least 10 years. We age our cuvées 5 years in the cellar before marketing them. The cuvees are often vintages and sold only 5 years after bottling (even for non-vintages). (Bottles are aged at minimum 5 years in our cellars). For this, we also use only the best juice from the press : first pressing juice - tête de cuvée. In this way, the quality and maturity of our champagnes make them gastronomic champagnes, intended for wine merchants, restaurants, ...

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11 rue Saint Antoine