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Champagne Beatrix de Gimbres is a champagne made by Beatrice Fagot's palate. She wanted to produce within the Earl Les Vicomtés which she worked on the creation, a champagne with feminine notes, so she assembled different vintages of the area to produce this champagne with characters, fruity, round and elegant. The vines have always been carefully worked within our family, but it was Hubert Fagot, vineyard manager and husband of Béatrice, who in 1995 no longer applied insecticide, aware of the importance of a balanced biotope. The return of these little beasts to our vines has made it possible to reduce our treatments and to have better quality soils. For example, ladybugs will feed on insect pests such as mealybugs and red mites. The work and weeding of the soil by mechanical tools rather than by herbicides was then decided. Indeed, the basement is full of earthworms, mites and other nematodes which move around and naturally aerate the soil to contain assimilable elements for the plant. This work to reduce phytosanitary inputs has allowed us to be among the precursors of HVE and VDC certifications (2014) in Champagne and Rilly la Montagne. Pruning, binding, disbudding, trellising and harvesting are also jobs where you have to be particularly meticulous and respectful of the vines, thus allowing the production of quality grapes. This is how, for example, we prune part of our vines to avoid spring frosts. In 2021, in order to limit and reduce the environmental impact, our Domain is embarking on organic viticulture, thus reducing the use of synthetic chemicals to zero. Wishing our Champagnes to express their terroir, our vinification aims to be the least interventionist. This is why we do not use SO2 during disgorgement, obtaining open, aromatic wines with a common mineral framework. Our pressing/vat room is partly thermoregulated. Thanks to this tool, but also by irreproachable hygiene, the inputs are reduced and the wines are drawn with an average of total SO2 lower by half compared to champagne.

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