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The unique terroir at Mas des Bressades is comprised of Manduel pebbles, which develop the aromas of the selected grape varietals planted there. These pebbles originated from the Rhône River Basin dating back to the Quaternary era, and range from 6 to 15 metres thick. Cyril Marès vinifies each grape variety and each vineyard separately, to preserve their true terroir and identity. The vinification is done traditionally: grapes are destemmed, fermentation occurs in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, and ageing in oak barrels. Mas des Bressades wines are well known throughout France and also very successful abroad. The family has a rich viticultural history, and were already winemakers back to the eighteen century near Montpellier. Pierre Marès (1758-1840) ran the family estate near Montpellier, and his son Etienne was the winemaker and wine merchant. His grandson Henri Marès (1820-1901), a contemporary and also friend of the famous Louis Pasteur, brilliantly continued this tradition by discovering the sulphur treatment used in present day to fight against oïdium (vine disease). Henri Marès (1903-1994) established the vineyard of Château Puy Castéra in Haut Médoc, which was later managed by his son Roger. Roger Marès, Cyril’s father, trained in Bordeaux and put them into practice at Mas des Bressades during the 1970s. Cyril Marès, a graduate of Agronomy and oenologist, continues this ancestral tradition at Mas des Bressades today.

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