Who are we

???????? Since 2012, BIOtiful wines gathers independant artisan winegrowers from the best terroirs of France, sharing the same philosophy : to produce exceptional wines from organic and / or biodynamic farming. ???? Together, we coordinate events abroad, promote our wines and optimize the development of our exports to more than 50 countries. Loadings are made directly from the wineries or through groupages (1 invoice, 1 point of loading, 1 DAE). ???? Our team, made up of qualified collaborators, allows our partners to enrich their portfolio with some of the best organic / biodynamic wines, to facilitate their administrative burden, to optimize logistics and to support them in long term for the promotion of these wines on the markets. ???? Taste our organic/biodynamic/natural wines ! Alsace DOMAINE CAMILLE BRAUN / Beaujolais DOMAINE SAINT-CYR / Bordeaux (Saint-Emilion) VIGNOBLES DESPAGNE-RAPIN / Bordeaux (Entre-Deux-Mers) CHATEAU FERRAN SAINT-PIERRE / Bourgogne (Auxerrois) DOMAINE JEAN-LOUIS & JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BERSAN / Bourgogne (Chablis) DOMAINE GROSSOT / Bourgogne (Côte de Beaune) DOMAINE HENRI & GILLES BUISSON / Bourgogne (Mâcon) DOMAINE DOMINIQUE CORNIN / Champagne SADI MALOT / Corse (Patrimonio) DOMAINE SANTAMARIA / Languedoc (Corbières cru Boutenac) DOMAINE LEDOGAR / Loire (Muscadet) DOMAINE LE FAY D’HOMME / Loire (Sancerre) DOMAINE DU NOZAY / Loire (Touraine Amboise) DOMAINE THOMAS FRISSANT / Provence CHATEAU ASPRAS / Rhône DOMAINE ROUGE GARANCE / Sud-ouest (Cahors) FABIEN JOUVES / Brasserie de Chablis MADDAM

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