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Maison Aurian’s origins date back to the 1880s, when the house’s focus was bulk armagnac trading. Throughout the subsequent years, bottled armagnac trading also developed, and, roughly fifty years ago, the production of craft liqueurs made with home-made infusions and macerations started. These latter later became the base for other products for which we are notorious today: aperitifs, fruity wines, lemonades… and today, we boast over 200 product references offered by the Maison, including ANTOLLINI Vermouths. All of our armagnacs are aged in French oak barrels in our centuries-old cellars in Condom. The optimal temperature and humidity of the cellars are two key factors that influence the quality and the aging of the eau-de-vie. Thanks to the wood in which our armagnacs age, we refine each armagnac depending on its base characteristics, and our dynamic cask management distinguishes our armagnac from those of other houses. We are one of the rare houses to own multiple dozens of vintages all the way till 1900, and our vintages are part of private collections for spirits experts all around the world. We produce our craft liqueurs by making infusions and macerations. Today, some of these are made in armagnac, others are made in neutral alcohol, so that this neutrality does not overcome the aromas of the primary material, whether it is a fruit, a flower or a herb. Throughout the years, we have continuously refined our liqueurs-making process, experimenting with different strengths and duration of infusions. All of the aromas in our liqueurs are natural, and some include essential oils and plant and herbs distillates. Today, we are the go-to liqueur maker for fruit, herbs and plant producers who trust us to turn their productions into fine and elegant spirits. A number of our products are international award winners, and, whilst this makes us proud, our greatest pride is to be able to continue to make spirits in a traditional and uncompromised way that brings out the best of our South-West French culture and savoir-faire.

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