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Johan YVON (JOH), a man who has dedicated his life to the development of luxury brands and who continues to pursue his activity in the world of beauty. Johan YVON is the designer of the cosmetics and makeup brand JOH. He displays an essential motivation for the successful launch and deployment of its innovative products and concepts inscribed in the societal transition that we are experiencing. He has a long-term vision, the preparation time testifies 10 years of medical SPA in Quebec and after 8 years of professional makeup and cosmetic research, he embarked on the design of the project to create a new aesthetic device especially the protocols treatments. In order to leave nothing to chance JOH has surrounded himself with a high-performance team in all the professions that constitute his universe. Concerned about the skin and its treatments, trained by pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic laboratories, and trained in phytotherapy and aromatherapy, he has devoted himself to skin care, anti-aging care and dermo-cosmetics through an unusual path for more than eighteen years; the creator and artist was born.

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