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Five variations of Roll-on 50 ml & 10ml elixirs lunaires, combining gemstones and subtly scented vegetable oils, and their 50 ml refills. Practical and precious, these treasures of well-being can be carried anywhere. At anytime, you can create a relaxing and calm interlude, at the office, at home, on a trip. These products are made in France and are composed of precious cold-pressed vegetable oils that are 100% natural. To be applied on the reflex zones of the body (wrist hollows, base of the neck, temples, palms of the hands for a cranial massage of the scalp, base of the neck, hollows of the elbows, behind the knees, hollow of the chest, behind the ears, lower back). followed by light circular motions favoring the penetration of the active ingredients. Wesak Paris élixir lunaires should be purified and recharged at every full moon to better connect to oneself, in harmony with an ancestral belief that we are bringing back to the forefront. The bottles containing the infused essences are refillable, reusable and recyclable. The stones are from fair trade. Clean lines, sophisticated concepts, our original and original creations will seduce the most refined personalities.

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4 rue gabrielle d'Estrées

Website: https://wesakparis.com/fr/