Who are we

Bernard Cassière is a French familial company, native from Corrèze and installed in Brive (South of France). Our regional anchorage, as a testimony of our values and convictions, is the original impetus for Cassière adventure and still inspires and drives our creativity. And we have been creative since the beginning, with the previously unseen launching in 2001 of our Hemp based hydrating cares, or in 2003 with the Chocolate Institute face treatment, the only one to be edible on the market. More than just a traditional cosmetic brand, our mission is to help every Man and every Woman revealing their authentic beauty: - By guaranteeing access to exceptional natural products and skincare protocols that promote a healthy and balanced relationship with Nature. - By fostering this relationship with Nature through the senses, and inviting everyone to relax and unwind, to develop a deeper relationship with themselves and express their personal beauty, their true beauty. Because we have always thought that beauty is not simply about fine-tuning our appearance, but rather defines itself as a quest for meaning in which Human & Nature necessarily depend of each other, we find our inspiration from the best that Nature offers, and commit ourselves for well-reasoned and responsible use of its resources. Moreover, ourexpertise relies on the know-howof our R&D laboratories (guaranteeing the excellence and high tolerance of our products) and on our Beauticians that, as ambassadors of our philosophy, enhance our protocols and accompany you in the discovery of your true beauty.

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