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neomist® The mother of the skin is the skin care concept of the future: neither cream nor serum, but both in terms effectiveness and texture. This singularity is possible thanks to the wpe® technology (water plant emulsion). This patented manufacturing process, by creating a multitude of micro-droplets or ultradrops®, enables to formulate natural cosmetics with inequivalent properties : without any texturizing agent, our cream-serums are more concentrated in active ingredients than any other skin care products, increasing its efficiency while maintaining a highly fluid, light and not sticky formula. Thanks to this 100% French technology, our CREAM-SERUMS merge with the water contained in skin cells ensuring its protection, repair and hydration. Its benefits have been scientifically proven and validated. With more than 50 natural active ingredients in our formulas, neomist® is a highly nourishing skin care product that meets both the needs of your skin and the challenges of sustainable development by offering healthier cosmetics, closer to the skin nature.

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