Who are we

Rivae is an independent Perfume House based in Nice, on the French Riviera, whose passion is to translate the beauty, energy and elegance of the French Riviera into light, fresh and solar scents. Our eau de toilette and home fragrances combine the freshness of citrus fruits and the emblematic scents of the region. They tell of unique places, intense experiences lived on the French Riviera... The vibrant energy of its sun, the welcome freshness of the sea, the fragrant sweetness of its evenings, the glamor of its parties ... the moment of grace of a morning stroll by the sea. The optimism of a new day. The Riviera and our Latin roots inspired this name: Rivæ. Deeply rooted in our region. Authentic. Positive. And passionate. Manufactured on the French Riviera.

Labels and certifications

Postal address and digital presence

3600 route du Mont Gros, ZI Haut Careï

Website: http://www.rivae.fr