Who are we

Laboratoires PHARMA-RECHERCHE (whose commercial trademark is Laboratoires BIO-RECHERCHE) were founded in 2004 by Robert Nahmani, a pharmacist from the Paris Faculty of Pharmacy specialized in the Anti-Aging process and in Anti­Free Radicals since 1985. Laboratoires BIO-RECHERCHE are specialized in the conception and commercialisation of food supplements with high added value, and whose effectiveness has been proven by clinical studies for most of them. To register our products abroad, we are able to provide our customers with a complete data set to enable local distributors to respond effectively to the requirements of each country's health authorities. In addition, each lot of product is sold with a batch document to enable traceability and shelf life tracking. Laboratoires BIO-RECHERCHE products are prescribed by dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons in France and sold mainly in pharmacies. Our products are also sold in various countries throughout the world, including Morocco, Greece, Koweit, Mexico, Algeria, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Tunisia and Vietnam.

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