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Pharmaltitude is a laboratory on a human scale which develops and distributes the 8882 products. These exceptional top of the range products are 100% made in France. 8882 was created in 1969 in the mountains to protect and repair the skin of athletes exposed to extreme sun radiation (Spring skiing, expeditions to the highest summits...). Thus, from the origin, 8882 are non-traditional products since the first experimental studies of 8882 have been conducted in the real conditions of use. In order to bring optimal comfort and repairs to the skin in these very harsh conditions, all the 8882 products are made of components highly compatible with the skin. Therefore, 8882 sun protection and care products suit well to athletes exposed to intense polarised radiation but also, according to their qualities, to sun-sensitive people for who sun is not recommended e.g. individuals under photosensitizing medication or with recent scars, pigment problems…

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