Who are we

Our journey into the ancient art of producing authentic Aleppo soaps commenced within the premises of our finest soap factories in Aleppo. A landmark chapter unfolded in 1998, marking the inception of our first batch of traditional Aleppo soaps. Since then, despite the myriad challenges and adversities that Syria has faced, we have steadfastly persisted, dedicating our unwavering commitment to perpetuating the ancestral heritage of Aleppo's master soap makers. Guided by the unwavering vision to preserve the deeply ingrained traditional values of our homeland, we have continued to proudly uphold age-old techniques and the authenticity of each batch of our soaps. This unwavering determination has not only preserved the legacy of our forefathers but has also ensured the continuity of a revered tradition that transcends eras and borders. Today, our commitment to artisanal excellence and the preservation of traditional methods remains unwavering, bearing witness to our profound respect for the timeless art of Aleppo soap. As we continue this journey steeped in historical values, we remain firmly dedicated to honoring the legacy of our predecessors, thereby offering our customers an authentic experience infused with the very essence of Syrian culture and tradition.

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10 Allée des jardins