Who are we

OPPIDUM is a niche brand of natural and organic skin care specializing in waterless cosmetics and premium clean beauty. OPPIDUM excels first by a very demanding sourcing: only precious and rare organic plant-based materials, selection by the founders themselves, even by traveling to Amazonia to meet native communities of producers to source rare or wild harvested ingredients for their last line LA SÈVE DES ARBRES. OPPIDUM differs also thanks to its formulations: connecting science and traditional knowledge, each formula is thought first for skin, as a blend of simplicity and sophistication. The commitment for sustainability and eco-responsibility is also at the heart of the brand and can be noticed through the very high level of natural (100% for each reference) and organic (99,5 to 100%), or through the packaging (minimalist, recyclable, mainly in uncoated paper, glass and wood). OPPIDUM offers each of its creations as a subtle balance of intense cosmetic efficiency and assumed sensory pleasure, in which textures and fragrances are an essential part.

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Website: https://www.oppidum-france.com/