Who are we

A french Guiana-based company, Nature Amazonie was born in 2010 from Enite Gerard's desire to use her heritage and create a cosmetic brand inspired from noble raw materials from the Amazonia. All products are carefully formulated in local laboratories with 100% natural, vegan, fair-trade ingredients, for modern women wishing to reduce their exposure to chimicals found in regular beauty products. Located in South America, on the Atlantic littoral, just north of Brazil, French Guiana is a topical gem that flourishes on the edge of Amazonian rain-forest. This French Territory has developped its own culture, inherited from centeries of know-how and rituas, which includes traditional, unconvertional medicine and natural remedies using indigenous fruits and nuts. At Nature Amazonie, we only work with nearby, 100% natural ressources, and we only source our raw material from co-op harvesters. Fruits and nuts are harvested in the forest, and transformed immediately to ensure the best concervation. For years, Enite GERARD has worked with chemists to develop unique formulas and to ensure that plants and fruit's origin over centuries can be usind to their greatest benefit. The Amazonian rainforest remains one of the most mysterious areas of our planet; its unique biodiversity is still being slowly uncovered by the scientific community. Discover all the Amazonian women's beauty secrets !

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