Who are we

NATURALOE is the only brand in the world to produce unpasteurized and unfiltered Aloe Vera juice. Our Aloe Vera is grown in biodynamic agriculture (DEMETER labeled) in a Natura 2000 zone. The products are natural and organic (certified by ECOCERT). The cosmetics are labeled by COSMEBIO and manufactured entirely in France. Since September 2022, NaturAloé has launched a unique product in the world: Aloe Vera flower pollen honey. Unlike other Aloe Vera honeys on the market, it is not Aloe Vera juice that was added to the honey but the bees that pollinated the Aloe Vera flowers. The virtues of Aloe Vera in biodynamics are recognized to take care of the skin and health. Symbol of its commitment to greater respect for peopel and their environment, NaturAloé offers 3 lines of products (cosmetics, food supplements and honey) combining the effectiveness of formulas, respect for ethics and environment. All NaturAloé products are guaranteed: - GMO free - No artificial coloring or fragrance - Paraben free - Phenoxyethanol free - Not tested on animals

Labels and certifications

Postal address and digital presence

10, rue de la lagune