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LAVANDIN GROSSO ESSENTIAL OIL BIO - 100% PURE AND NATURAL Blue-Provence offers you the online sale of organic lavandin essential oil . We control the entire production chain in order to guarantee you the best quality of lavender essential oil possible. We ship lavandin essential oil orders from our workshop in Menton/FRANCE by express by La Poste. 100% of our essential oils are in stock at our warehouse. Lavandin is a hybrid derived, by pollination, from fine lavender (angustifolia) and wild lavender (latifolia) (or spic or aspic). The product of the distillation of the floral tops of the aromatic plant is called: - essential oil when it is a single plant - essence when it is a mixture of 2 plants - extracts when it is a mixture of several plants. Here are some of the virtues and uses of lavender essential oil , among many others: The main characteristic of lavender essential oil is that it is a camphorated entity that it derives directly from wild lavender. This plant substance has several known and effective applications: - Lavandin essential oil is an effective sedative; either by spraying on pillowcases or cushions before going to sleep. Either in a diffuser near the bed. - Lavandin essential oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory: superficial muscle pain (torticollis, mild keyboard user tendonitis!) Relieves inflammation from insect bites (mosquitoes, wasps, bees, etc.) 1st degree domestic burns. Vegetable burns (Nettles) -It is an excellent repellent against moths and lice. -It is an excellent deodorant (destroys good and bad smells) -Very effective as an ambient fragrance for diffuser. Principles of use: Parsimony and wisely Parsimony: a small dose is enough Good wisely: rub

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