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“STAND OUT!” » — Wear artistic perfumes and stand out from the crowd. Artistic fragrances with minimalist chic and musical inspiration. THE STORY OF THE BRAND Marylise Mirabelli is a French perfume brand launched in October 2022. The perfume collections are inspired by the musical world, and pay homage to Michael Jackson, the designer's favorite artist. Each fragrance is a transcription of a scenario evolving over time, and immerses us in a sensory experience, thus recreating the story and the musical atmosphere. Marylise Mirabelli perfumes are formulated and created in France with high quality ingredients. THE UNIVERSE Marylise Mirabelli is inspired by iconic songs and videos, to recreate each melody in olfactory notes, thus immersing us in these stories in a sensory version. The timeless classics chosen, with scenarios with charismatic personalities, seductive and sensual allures, make this first collection of perfumes entitled “nocturne” ideal fragrances for the fall-winter season. • Extraits de parfum concentrated at 30%, formulated with organic wheat alcohol. • Elegant, deep, qualitative, unique fragrances. • Eco friendly development, production in small series, made in France. • Vegan and not tested on animals. — Marylise Mirabelli extraits de parfum are unique and singular, they are inspired by iconic songs, they smell good, with a high concentration for a long hold. "Having chosen these iconic videos, classics of pop culture, allowed me to find inspiration, but also allows people to imagine the universe of the fragrance before even having smelling it". — Compositions that are the result of natural and synthetic, for limitless creation while preserving our ecosystem. — Formulations with organic wheat alcohol, FSC-certified packaging, no frills and Made in France. These are the brand's commitments.

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