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Sambin is the name of a famous family from Guadeloupe, originally from the town of Le Moule, located on the northeast of the Grande-Terre island along the Atlantic coast. The family has been the owner of sugarcane fields and various agricultural lands since 1963, which were initially used for the development of a well-known rum distillery. In 2018, they ventured into the world of perfumery. All fragrances bearing the Maison Sambin brand are crafted in the traditional manner within the town of Grasse, France. It is the embodiment of French expertise and the meticulous selection of raw materials that bring authenticity to each of our creations. Maison Sambin is the first brand to adopt the patented Silk fragrance spray technology by Aptar Beauty, a global leader in diffusion systems. This high-end spray provides an ultimate sensory experience to fully express the fragrances inspired by the Yoruba universe from Maison Sambin. A perfume tells a story, it stimulates your emotions, and it becomes etched in your memory. Discovering your story through a fragrance is the goal of Maison Sambin, says Erold Sambin.

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