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The M&L story focused on the observation of the living world, its constant evolution over time and our relationship with the earth. It attribute to the nature and all those living and constantly evolving beauties that compose it. Imperfection fascinates and inspires us; we seek to describe another kind of beauty: the beauty of imperfection and impermanence. Using materials in their rawness is one of the embodiment of our quest. Human action must remain as minimal as possible so that only the structure, the materials, the organic forms stay. M&L is the multi-sensory expression of our raw, timeless and artisanal vision of perfumery. M&L tries to bring a different light on what is hidden behind simple things and behind the alteration of the passing time. The M&L concept is based on the material and the artworker. Our creative approach is focused towards the primal experience as a return to a free and artisanal art of perfumery. Our universe is captured in raw materials made of laminated steel, hammered, chiseled and brushed before being blackened by fire. Each object is the result of an unique know-how perpetuating ancestral techniques in our workshops located in Morocco and Mauritania. We wish to highlight the way in which the hand and by extension the body can create beauty through simple gestures kept in memory. Our perfumed compositions are made in France in our factory located in the southern alps with simple formulas, which allows to olfactively express the rawness of the everly changing nature. Our creations aim to reach the emotional sphere of each people, allowing him or her to be carried freely by his or her own emotions and sensations. We like the idea that human relationship to smell and perfume is part of unconsciously ritualized approaches, inherited from the first uses that man had of perfume. We invite everyone to question the way this dynamic plays out in their own relationship to smell and perfume.

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