Who are we

Lundigo is a brand of wellness products. We want to offer products based on ingredients from the Mediterranean basin. We have a strong positioning due to the Mediterranean origins of the founders. Lundigo Méditerranée draws its strength from its family values. Indeed, the Riahi family, Bouchra and their sons took to heart the project of transmitting their cultural values ​​through the brand and its products. The different origins of the family allowed them to develop a strong and original identity inspired by the traditions of the Mediterranean. Aware of the many virtues offered by the Mediterranean basin, the Riahi family has traveled to open up to other cultures and existing traditions in order to enrich themselves and develop their knowledge. From these trips, which were a source of learning and inspiration, was born the idea of ​​creating a brand capable of sharing with you the benefits of the Mediterranean while making you travel. We aim to create 3 specific product ranges: MIND, BODY & HOME. 1. MIND is a range of solutions specifically designed from natural ingredients to optimize the comfort of your mind. 2. BODY is a range made to protect, strengthen and take care of your body with a range of natural products with targeted action and recognized effectiveness. 3. HOME is a range of products to make your living space a haven of peace for your body and mind. Today, thanks to these experiences, Lundigo Méditerranée selects the Mediterranean ingredients adapted to its products to bring you results, but the well-being of your mind, body and home environment

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