Who are we

LES HUILETTES, the power of oils. - Natural, eco-responsible cosmetics, whose inspiration and creation are drawn from the heart of aromatherapy and olfactotherapy. Each huilette takes care of the skin and serves the result for a unique sensory experience, a promise of harmony between body and mind. - In her laboratory, for each creation, Pascale - Doctor of Pharmacy and Aromatherapist - uses her expertise to choose the natural active ingredients with the most promising benefits: Argan, Prickly pear, Helichrysum... selected for their effectiveness and their sensoriality. les huilettes are formulated without any superfluous or controversial ingredients: just the essentials. - Sourcing of ingredients from serious partners and committed producers, concerned about the organic and the planet. Each ingredient is validated for its intrinsic qualities, for its color, its smell. - Organic, Vegan, made in France. Small series production in France to guarantee maximum freshness of the active ingredients.

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Postal address and digital presence

7 ter rue Emile Duclaux

Website: http://www.leshuilettes.com